US Banking Regulations

Banking regulations in the US – Top Regulations

Banking regulations in the United States is the play’s an important role both the federal and state level.

Apart from this bank regulatory agencies, the US maintains separate securities, commodities and insurance regulatory agencies at federal and state governments.

US banking regulations addresses privacy, disclosure, fraud prevention,anti-usury and promotion of lending to lower-income populations.

US Banking Regulations

The United States bank has created banking regulations to prevent unnecessary damage to confidence and liquidity in the financial system.

Bank runs

This type of bank runs occurs due to fear of insolvency. The reason due to this is federal deposit insurance commission guarantee all bank deposit accounts.

Bank panics

Bank panics contains the systemic risk

Financial crisis

This is the general breakdown of the financial system

US Banking Regulations

Credit crunch

This occurs when there is difficulty in credit transactions

Regulatory authority

This bank primarily used federal deposit insurance corporation, federal reserve board or office of the comptroller of the currency.

Transactions between the member bank and their affiliates regulate transaction such as loans, 2asset purchase between banks.

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Regulation p governs the use of customer private data.

Bank and other personal information is guided by financial institutions.

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Community reinvestment

This act is founded in 1977.

They require insured depository institutions to reinvest in the communities they serve.

Glass Steagall Act

And also you should definitely know about the Glass Steagall Act because it is actually one of the important regulatory act in the US banks but most of them don’t know about it.

Do you guys have known when the retail banks have got separated from the investment banks and why Actually it occurs in the year 1933 by the implementation of the Glass Steagall Act?

Because the main and primary functions of the retail banks are to accept deposits and make loans to one who needed it while on the other hand investment are the one who merges things and makes the bond happens.

So actually this act was created out by the Henry Steagall and Carter Glass in the year of 1933 due to the constant failure of markets, banks and many other things because during those times things were not right.

And for the effort made out by them, this act has been called out by their name itself.


By finally what we are actually trying to say is that the rules and regulation in the field of banking is one thing that still makes out the US banks as greatest of all time.

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