Transferring money without online banking – Complete Guide

Nowadays Indian government promote cashless society so that the customers suffer a lot they cannot do any payment without internet.

They introduce a Unified payment interface (UPI) that works without the internet.

That discover a quick and easy transfer using USSD code.

This system works across all GSM service provider.

So imagine that you are at a place where there are no chances to make money transfer and you want to make the online transfer very and it’s like very urgent, also the internet connections are also good though.

So during these type of situations, there are only a few ways to transfer out the money to the ones you want

How to use without online banking

First, you should register your mobile number with your bank.


  • Register mobile number with bank
  • Generate MMID a 7 digit number issued by the bank to the customer.
  • Get M- pin and keep the secret password
  • Then download mobile banking app or use SMS / USSD facilities from bank to provide payment

How to work USSD code without internet

money transfer without online banking

So before getting deep into the steps lets a simple look on what you have to for making the transfer, just dial *99# but you have to make sure that you are registered with these services for you respective banks and if it means then you must have your mobile number being registered too.

Actually, this is a feature that has been developed in early 2014 itself because during those most of them don’t know to transfer money using online banking and also the internet costs and network were also high, that’s how this banking transfer through USSD has evolved and just follow the below steps to make transactions.

  • Accessible through common code *99#
  • Dial *99#
  • Then type your bank name in e letter or first four letters of IFSC code
  • Then select the option,
    1. Account balance
    2. Mini statement
    3. Send money using MMID
    4. Send money using IFSC
    5. MPIN
    6. Generate OTP
  • Then enter the beneficiary mobile number. Then click send.
  • Fund transfer is done¬†successfully.

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  How does*99# works

  • This service let the bank to bring telecom service and this provides the customers to access through UPI.
  • You just dial *99# on the phone and wait for a second.
  • Then server option will appear on your screen
  • Then select the transaction
  • Next screen displays the requested information.

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  • The poor network plays a spoilsport.
  • Also, the maximum amount you can transfer through this service is $100per day.

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