Investment Banking

Investment Banking – Things to know before starting

Investment Banking is the financial services company or any kind of corporate companies that may involve in the development of individual or any company basis.

All investment banking has a major activity such as sell-side or buy-side.

The sell-side activity involves trading security for cash. And buy-side activity involves the provision of advice to institutions that buy investment services.

What Investment banking do?

So it is actually also kind of same ways like savings banking and other normal bankings.

Most of the time confusions will kind of arise between investment banking and investment banking division. But its just a kind of small minor differences actually.

The main difference between them actually is that investment banking mainly provide out kind of services like

  • Underwriting, M&A Sales, trading, equity research, asset management, commercial banking and retail banking.
  • While the Investment banking division provides out only underwriting and M&A

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Activities involved in investment banking Front office

  • Corporate finance
  • Sales and trading
  • Research Middle office
  • Risk management Back office
  • Technology

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The few ways to get into investment banking

If you have tried a job in investment banking, you must have the following qualities,

1.Apply for the internship during your bachelor’s degree and get a full job

  • If the Candidate has completed bachelor degree then he/she is eligible for the investment banking.
  • The Candidate should have a minimum of 65% during their course period.

2.Apply for internship or graduate jobs during master in finance course

  • Nowadays, banks hire master in finance course especially so far position in risk or sales and trading.
  • And still, you have more opportunities to join a bank as an analyst.

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 3. Keep on doing things to support

  • Nowadays, some of the best students are applying for investment Banking before completing the internship program.
  • Plenty of banks are providing internship for students who have already graduated. At the end of these internships,you can still get an offer to join a full-time job.

4.Apply during MBA

  • Most of the bankers choose to prefer business student as they increase the development of the bank.
  • Then you can also apply to a bank after Time in the industry although you’re most likely to get into your industry experience with an MBA.

5.Attend events and network

  • The Candidate can sign-up for information session through your careers service and you will find the opportunity to speak with employees at the on-campus recruitment process.
  • Then you will get some idea to join in investment banking.

These are the ways to get into investment banking. And be sure this right job for you. Unlike many other finance roles, investment banking comes under the category from the range of background and may even use transferable skills to join other related professions.

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