Free Banking Journal Scholarship Programme

Free banking journal is a place where you’ll get useful info regarding banks and credit card related things.

We actually thought of starting out a scholarship programme for the students in order to make them aware of the things related to bank.

Because participating in this scholarship Contents makes students get to know a lot about the field of banking, improve their knowledge regarding banking.

Free Banking Journal Scholarship Details

Scholarship Amount: $1000

Deadline: November 31, 2020

Who can Participate: All undergraduate and Post Graduate Students are Eligible


Eligibility and Requirements

So in order to get participate in this Scholarship programme, there are several eligibility and requirements you need to follow and give

  • The most important eligibility factor is you need to be a student of any educational institutions.


  • You have to write an article with word count from 700 – 1200 and the topic you can either get from us or else choose your own topic relevant to banking.



  • It is not necessary for you to write the article on same topic, you can write any different topic related banks, credit cards


  • The article needs to be 100% original and needs to be grammatical-error-free.


  • Images are not necessary but you can add if you want.



  • All the articles will be published on the freebankingjournal website, and then the articles with most shares, likes, comments will be declared as the winner.

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